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Wood Planing Service in MA

The services at, The Woodery Lumber Co., may come as a surprise to anyone that is new to woodworking. If you have never been to a specialty lumber company before, you are in for a treat. Despite being a local sawmill near you, we are proud to stock lumber from six continents. Many of those are available in several thicknesses and most are the highest grade. That makes them ideal for your furniture and cabinet making needs. In most cases, our lumber is available in both rough and milled form. We offer wood planing services to fit any project, and custom millwork as well. As a result, you can choose which works best for your capability or budget.

The majority of our rough lumber is sold as “Random Width/Random Length”. But for most species, you can expect to find lengths between 6′ and 16′, with widths between 5″ and 11″. Because rough lumber is so varied in size from one board to another, it is sold by the “Board Foot”. This is a measure of volume, so it takes into account the length, width, and thickness of the board. Lumber measurements are always based on the original dimensions of the board before any wood planing service is performed.

Custom Millwork

Once our customer has selected the lumber for a project, we can then mill, glue, and sand the product for them. This custom millwork will bring the highest level of craftsmanship to your project, and allow you to finish the piece yourself. This is a great option for making a gift or piece of furniture for your home.

When considering wood planing service, always consider the waste factor of the lumber. Since lumber is a natural product, it has a number of features that make each board unique. Color variation, knots, wane, sapwood, and end-checking are all par for the course. Simply put, the rough boards are only the gross products, from which you get your net product. Some species like Cherry and Black Walnut can require as much as 30-40% waste factor. And even the rare flawless boards may be wider or longer than you need. So expect the wood planing service to reduce the amount of lumber somewhat significantly.

If you are working off plans, make sure to bring every page with you. This includes the cut list. Since many plans have cutting diagrams that are inaccurate or generic, they can be wasteful. When looking for custom millwork or wood planing service, remember that you determine the waste factor, not the plans.

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