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Moulding and Millwork

Moulding and Millwork

If you need quality moulding and millwork for wood in your home, look no further. The Woodery Lumber Co. has a group of trained professionals with over 30 years of experience. That means we can bring you the highest level of quality product and service. We carry small batch specialty lumber for wood moulding and trim. And we only use an excellent selection of knives for shaping the wood moulding. You can choose one of our premade styles or customize your own. In addition, we carry custom bar rails in a variety of colors and types of wood such as Cherry, Mahogany, Red Oak and Maple. That leaves you spoiled for choice when it comes to your moulding and millwork.

Many of our customers have very specific needs. Fortunately, our team is more than accommodating with regard to their moulding and millwork. We will work with you at each step in the process to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. That means special attention is paid to the specifics needs of your home or business. In addition, we can give you ideas as to what wood would match your home’s current layout.


Once you have an idea of the wood you want to use for a project, we take it from there. We do everything from milling to gluing and sanding. Then you can finish the piece however you like. You also get the benefit of more than 30 years of moulding and millwork expertise on your team.  Those are just a few of the advantages of going to a local business that will take the time to listen to your needs.

Wood Moulding and Trim

Are you redoing your kitchen or bathroom? What about the dining room? Just about anywhere you look, there’s a need for new wood moulding and trim. Make sure it gets done right. That’s where, The Woodery Lumber Co., comes in. Our trained professionals can give you an honest assessment of your options in terms of materials and cost. We know that any mishandled remodeling project can become a headache. So start it the right way, with quality materials. That’s why our moulding and millwork is so highly valued. We bring professional experience and expertise to any project. Whether that means giving you an accurate quote upfront or educating a client on the waste factor on various types of wood.

That expertise is what makes our clients come back year after year. They know that our team won’t waste anyone’s time. The wood moulding and trim that we provide is a testament to that care and craftsmanship. It takes a keen eye to know what wood will make good moulding and millwork. Our available styles may change every day, but high-quality wood is never out of stock. As a result, you can be confident in the product that you are receiving. So give us a call or stop by today, for the best service and product in wood moulding and trim.

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